Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peter von Rost?

Every aspiring king, prince, or FDA Commissioner should have a family "shield" (aka "coat of arms") to use on his letterhead and Peter Rost, who aspires to be the new FDA commish, says someone sent him just the shield he's been "looking for" (that's it on the left; see the original here).

BTW, back in January, 2008, when I was writing about Rost speaking before the Swedish parliament, I came up with my own version of the "Rost Family Shield," which is depicted on the right.

Which ever shield fits, all Rost now needs is to prepend "von" to his name and the "von Rost" dynasty will be set to begin -- as soon as he's nominated for commish, that is.

But "von Rost" may be too reminiscent of another "von" we all are happy to be rid of come January 20, 2009.

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