Monday, August 18, 2008

Pharma Blogger Profile: Chris Truelove - "former inked-stained wretch"

It's the end of summer and practically no-one is at work in the Pharma Blogosphere. But someone who always seems to have a heavy workload is Chris Truelove, a "meta-blogger" over at PharmaBlogReview where she endeavors "to sum up what other bloggers who look at the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are writing about, combining news and personal views with discussion and a dash of humor."

According to her online profile:

"Chris is editor in chief of Med Ad News and R&D Directions, two leading trade magazines for the pharmaceutical industry. She is a former ink-stained wretch, having worked 10 years for the Times of Trenton as a reporter and copy editor, where her beats included local and state politics and local crime. She lives in the almost 300-year-old town of Bristol Borough, Pa., in a Victorian row home with her patient husband and three ever-shedding cats."
I hadn't realized that Chris was a former reporter, now a blogger. From local crime reporting to blogging about the pharmaceutical industry -- a giant leap or a small step? You be the judge.

The role of "meta-blogger" is often thankless and, as I've discovered, bloggers don't like being blogged about unless you have something positive to say about them and link back to their blogs.

In that regard, Chris does a great job and often finds gems in the Pharma Blogosphere that otherwise would not cross our radar screens. Lately, however, I notice that PharmaBlogReview posts lack Chris's own "personal views" and "dashes of humor."

C'mon Chris! Tell us MORE about what YOU think about what WE say in our blogs.

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